#075 – Telling you a Good News

Christmas is coming! People say it is a season of giving. True! It is a season to celebration. True! And it is a season of blessing. Very true! The born of Jesus has brought the hope of salvation to us, that's why we celebrate Christmas. 😉 So as a super pattern and "talented" person, I... Continue Reading →

#074 – Shiok to feel appreciated!

As you may know I am working partime in restaurant. This time round I am placed at Wine Connection Telok Ayer! An atas western restaurant which is famous with their wines. That's where this photo is taken! After my first day there, my manager texted me, telling me that I have received good feedback and... Continue Reading →

#072 – Chinese Wedding Gate Crash

Perhaps the last wedding I am attending for this year. Sorry that I can't make it to every wedding. But this last one of the year is a busy one, because I am one of the "Brothers 兄弟" team! Lol. Hmmm is the word "Best Man" suitable to represent "兄弟"? 🤔 Anyway! This is perhaps... Continue Reading →

#071 – My dream workplace

As a "foreign worker" here who rents a room to stay and breathes the foreign air, I used to think working location is not a major consideration. If I work in the west, then I stay in the west lor, if working in the east, move to east lo. 🤷🏼‍♂️ But somehow, under the influence... Continue Reading →

#070 – 爸爸庆生记

生日 就是要 庆祝!更何况是 家里老豆的 大日子,更要庆祝 🎉。 麻坡 没处去,只要 Chiong 去 马六甲,来个一日游 加 美食游!吃就是开心,好吃更开心,这就是简单庆祝的方程式。所以 马六甲我们来啦! 第一站!娘惹餐! Restoran Nyonya Makko。 就在 Dataran Pahlawan 附近而已。叫了 Rendang Ayam, 煎蛋,马来风光 等。最后 当然 来个 Cendol !!! 🤤 基本上 不错吃,有 ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️. 可惜 算钱的小屁孩老板仔 脸臭到 全世界 都欠他的。可惜。👋 生日 有三大重点 !一,生日礼物。老豆挑了买了。二,就是生日蛋糕!wohoooo. 其实我们真的很饱,可是 还有个小胃 装啦。马六甲嘛,当然是 Nadeje 千层蛋糕。我们选在 Dataran Pahlawan 外面的那间,少人又安静又舒服。😌 拿了三片蛋糕,最好吃绝对是 Tiramisu 咯。加上蜡烛,轻声的生日快乐歌,当然还有... Continue Reading →

#069 – Life is like a Puzzle

Today at church, I heard an interesting story. The preacher was given a puzzle as a gift. Since it's school holiday, his kids are like being released from chains looking for fun things to do. So, the Star Wars themed puzzle is chosen. Then it has become a family activity. It's such a torture to... Continue Reading →

#067 – False Hope ðŸ˜«

It's so disappointing... everyone thought it is a positive surprise, and it turns to be a false hope... Last week, out of the blue, one new customer emailed us saying wanted to get something from our company. The sales figure is huge! And we really need that number to close the year. Despite several emails... Continue Reading →

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