#087 – Catching Up

Recently there are quite a few meet up to catch up sessions with friends and ex-colleagues. Suddenly I realize that, April is like a busy month to meet friends and celebrate birthday. More catch up sessions to come! So last week, my buddy KB flew from Sandakan to Singapore for a trip to Bangkok. He... Continue Reading →

#086 – Risk and Hope

Today, I have tendered my resignation letter. It's really a super tough decision and I would say it's a leap of faith. I feel so sorry to my boss because 3 out of 4 in his team are leaving... So now what I would like to do is to pen down my reasons of leaving,... Continue Reading →

#083 – How to tell a Touching Story

Today's blue! First day at work after CNY holiday. And I take up a speaking slot in toastmasters club! Now I felt so tired... Anyway, happy birthday as today is everyone's birthday according to Chinese Tradition (人日)! A "Lou Hei" in Sheraton Hotel brightens up my exhausted day a little bit :p I mention about... Continue Reading →

#082 – 新年 新目标 CNY Resolutions

农历新年快乐!是时候了,是时候了,是时候 又开始写作啦!好吧 就当做这是我 农历新年新目标 之一。 来记录一下 新年 干了什么事先吧~ 新年 一个星期 假期,也没做什么,就是 吃吃 喝喝 聚聚 然后 睡不停。蛮爽的,但明天 很蓝,开工了! 时间过得真快,这是第二十七个农历新年了,真希望 年年的新年都 这么的快乐。虽然 招架 难免的“三姑六婆 关心的连环问题” 还是挺压力的咯! 🥴 其实 Peer Pressure (同辈压力)太真实了。可怕。 讲真的,“怀才不遇” 这四个字 很让我困扰,但的确不能杞人忧天,我只希望 能竭尽所能 在工作上 好好发挥。也希望 能 找到再让我 热血的 Business Idea💡 。现阶段,不怕慢,只怕站。能长进一公分就一公分吧。当作 养军千日 用军一时! 如果 你也有同感,一起 “加油” 吧! #082-新年新目标

#081 – Happy New Year

Happy new year guys!!! Have a blessed year ahead, and I wish 2019 is a year that makes us happy and grateful! I love new year count down especially the shouting of 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!!! In fact I don't remember I have a properly new year count down shouting before. 2017, Thai King... Continue Reading →

#080 – Thank You 2018

The year is coming to an end, I guess I would need a big reflection/s for this! Haha. So many people have shared theirs on Facebook, I also want to write down lo! Hmmm. 2018 to me has been a mini roller coaster. No extreme high and extreme low. 1. Career 👨‍💻 Started a new... Continue Reading →

#079 – Season of Giving and Gifting

This year perhaps is the year I Gift people most for Christmas. I don't really have this "good habit" of giving presents to people during this season. But somehow this year I am inspired and motivated to gift people! Not forced! Hahaha. Who doesn't like presents right? Especially it is so unfair that my birthday... Continue Reading →

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