#065 – Poisoning Finger Pointing

I always believe culture is extremely IMPORTANT in an organization. Even though culture can be a very abstract thing, we can actually feel it literally. As we know, most of the successful organizations have unique and defining culture, just like Alibaba, Tesla, Walmart, and etc. Undeniable, culture is crucial for workers like us too. Empowering … Continue reading #065 – Poisoning Finger Pointing

#063 – Slappp! Wake up please! Time is ticking!!!

Garen Tee, 27 already, what have you done and achieved so far??? Nothing! This sentence runs through my mind like 1,489,234 times, this year. Birthday is coming, and I am going to be 27 soon!!! (By the way, remember my birthday present on 22nd December 😬). Time flies and clock ticks too fast. As I … Continue reading #063 – Slappp! Wake up please! Time is ticking!!!

#062 – I can’t work in Korea

Oh Gosh!!! I have stopped blogging for many days???! Darn it. My bad! I was away to Korea for business trip ma. Phew it was overwhelming and interesting business trip. But first thing first, sightseeing photos: Best part about oversea business trip is sightseeing and food. Korean Fried chicken and beer, atas dining and bulgogi!!! … Continue reading #062 – I can’t work in Korea