Toastmasters International Speech Contest 2017

Toastmasters Club - A non-profit organization which provides a platform for members to practice public speaking. Now I actively involve in the world largest professional club - Toastmasters Club of Singapore.Toastmasters Club organizes International Speech contest annually. It is the Olympics of Public Speaking and a highly regarded competition. The contestants will first compete at Club level... Continue Reading →

I am a Dreamer: Weird Zombie Dream!

A Wednesday Night! After tiring exercise, I took train back home with a friend. We talked about what nice movies to watch. Screening through the movie list on Cathay Cinema, I recommended Train to Busan and he suggested Don't Breathe. Both are kind of horror movies. I seldom watch this type simply because I don't... Continue Reading →

Mastering the Leadership – The Mousetrap way

Monday - It is a Toastmaster Day! I happily left office earlier and attended this energetic meeting. Feeling contented with lots of reading on, I mark myself 90% for time utilization today. The 10% is in the office when I feel disturbingly sleepy. Toastmaster meeting today is definitely a rewarding one.It is about LEADERSHIP. And we are blessed... Continue Reading →

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