#109 – 4 Opportunities during COVID-19

I believe the "beautiful looking" Covid-19 is affecting you and me in many many many ways. Not only you and me, but the whole world. By the time I am typing this blog post, the cases have gone up to 670,000 worldwide with 31,000 death. 😞 Initially, I thought this Coronavirus infection would soon to... Continue Reading →

#108 – Millionaire Mind Intensive (MMI) Review

Millionaire Mind Intensive Logo - Source: Success Resource [Throwback 2017 experience, written in 2017]  HOW many of you have heard of MILLIONAIRE MIND INTENSIVE (MMI)?  T Harv Eker, the author of the best selling book - Secrets of The Millionaire Mind, has designed a series of programs and training.   One of the most famous programs or... Continue Reading →

#030 – Do Our Best!

Since this is the 30th post! I gonna make this a motivational and inspiring one! I am reading the book "Build to Last" recently, and deeply moved by this quote: The 3 important keys here are: "Did our work well", "good to our customers" and "no limit to us". This is an ATTITUDE, an attitude... Continue Reading →

#021 – 21 Days A Habit!

WOHOOO!!!! Today is the day! This marks the 21st blog post/reflection!!! Can't believe I really achieve this. I would like to thank my mum, my dad, my family, and friends! Thank you so much! and of course, YOU who are reading this blog. Looking like my 3-minutes warmth didn't strike me well this time, hopefully,... Continue Reading →

#003 – Muscle and Grit

Out-of-no-where again, I visited a Singapore public gym today! Well, you know, I hope I can be bigger in size with more muscles, especially wider shoulder and broader chest so that I can look more confident and (more!) charming (must emphasize the more, lollll Thick Face siaaa). In fact, I dislike being so skinny, NO... Continue Reading →

#002 -Money or Honey

Haji Holiday today, now I feel like Saturday, tomorrow can skip work a? Tomorrow is Sunday right? (SLAPPPpppppp) Since today is a holiday and I feel itchy want to karaoke, so I "jio" my colleague to sing lo. It was so fun! Finally, I could sing my heart out! After SingK, we went to eat... Continue Reading →


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