#004 – Don’t be On Time, be in Time

TGIF!!! Clock shows 5pm and it is time to.... go Home! This time round it is Home in Muar. Yay! But as everyone should know the Malaysia-Singapore custom is always a nightmare especially Friday evening. Left without a choice, I have to go through this! The bus to my "Home-Sweet-Home" departs at 630 pm from... Continue Reading →

#002 -Money or Honey

Haji Holiday today, now I feel like Saturday, tomorrow can skip work a? Tomorrow is Sunday right? (SLAPPPpppppp) Since today is a holiday and I feel itchy want to karaoke, so I "jio" my colleague to sing lo. It was so fun! Finally, I could sing my heart out! After SingK, we went to eat... Continue Reading →

Push Your Limit

I was 18 when I had a silly bet with my buddy, Andrew. On our way to the school library, there were two paths. We had to choose either passing through the school buildings or using the main road. I told my friend: “Walking inside is faster than walking outside”. He argued: “No, walking outside... Continue Reading →

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