#029 – Facial Day Painful Day

To be honest, I always envy those guys with nice skin lor! Looking at mirror, I will tell myself: "skin oh, skin oh, can you be pretty and nice nice? No pimples no scars no pores no troubles!". Haha. Perhaps it is a little too late for me to start my skin care journey. So... Continue Reading →

#024 – Sacrificial Love is the Foundation

Lovely weekend was filled with blessing to witness my bestie, Jess NGO's wedding. Finally she is Off the Shelve officially. Glad that Philip and her are united with awesome blessing from God. Thanks to be with Jesus. ­čśŹ This time round, I got the chance to be church wedding Emcee as a helping hand to... Continue Reading →

#019 – Recharged or Tired?

We are always excited for a trip - a long break and an enjoyment of laying down our hair. After all the fun and joy, the end is always there to welcome us home. So the question is, do your usually feel recharged or tired after a holiday? Alright, my trip to Romania shouldn't be... Continue Reading →

#018 – Motivational Energy

This wraps up my wonderful trip in Timi┼čoara. Fun aside, the real reason of being here is to attend a distributorship meeting organised by the manufacturer. Distributors and salespersons of the company from other part of the world gather here; USA, France, Ireland, Germany, UK, Japan, Turkey, Korea, and of course Singapore. My company is... Continue Reading →

#017 – Appreciate the Hidden Details

The most fun part of the day is the city tour! Wohooo. It is sweet that they have arranged a relaxing tour for everyone. A professional and experienced tour guide accompanies us to walk around the historical city and explained the backgrounds of some important buildings. In fact I have walked through these places the... Continue Reading →

#016 – Be Inspired

Today is a serious day! Full day of training and learning. Thanks God, Jetlag is not in place!! I stay awake all the time. Wohooo. Or may be the coffees did help! Lol. One interesting thing today is the visit to the company's manufacturing facility. I always admire business owners who build things or an... Continue Reading →

#015 – Enjoying life at its Best!

After 17 hours journey, here is the First step of mine in Romania. Thanks God for the chance to visit Timi┼čoara for a meeting + training. Europe country never fails to mesmerise me. The people, the Buidling, the weather, all are so lovely. I still didn't get a chance to enjoy the fantastic scenery in... Continue Reading →

#014 – I love Travelling!

Today gonna be super short post because I am writing while boarding the plane! I am going Romania!!! Wohooo. Thanks to company and boss for the trust to let me go attending distributorship meeting in Timisoara, Romania (Alone!!!). First time there! And I don't really care how stressful the meeting is going to be. I... Continue Reading →

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