#107 – Toastmasters Ice Break Speech

I have joined Toastmasters for 4 years and a half now (since 2016 November). Time flies and I enjoy myself very much. Glad to be part of Toastmasters Club of Singapore and growing together with it. Confidence, stage presence, body language, vocal variety, speech crafting and etc are my lessons learned in Toastmasters. You will be impressed that leadership skill is actually the huge reward I gain from Toastmasters.

Tidying up my laptop, I thought of my very first speech on the stage! The Ice Breaker (4 – 6 minutes). It’s still under the old syllabus back then and it’s about the introduction of oneself. Honestly I still can remember quite vividly my experience during my first speech delivery. Phewww… and I was lucky enough to get a “Best Speaker” ribbon. Praise the Lord.

Want to read my first speech and know me better ? (shy) here you go. A few mistakes and I don’t correct them now. They are as intact as 4 years ago. LOL.

Speech Title: I am Garen Tee

When we get to know new friends, first question is always “What is your name”. I believe everyone agrees on this. Name is important as it is our identity and how people remember us. It is crucial as well to make people remember your name. Have you ever watched the movie “The Guardians of the Galaxy”? There is a living wood giant in the movie, every audience will definitely remember his name. Because no matter what situation, he only says “I am Groot, I am Groot, I ammmm Grrrroootttt”. Yes, his name is Groot and this is how people Remember his name. 

Toastmaster of the evening, Mr. President, fellow toastmasters and guests, today I am going to share with you a story to let you all know me better and cast my name into your memory. Before I start, can I have the show of hands, who remember my name? Half of you. Ok great. Let the story begins.

There is a boy, named HangChung with family name of Tee, growing up in a small village in Johor, Malaysia. In his primary school, he is an adorable and lovely student who is teacher’s all-time favourite. He is hardworking boy, studies days and nights, even in his dream, that’s why he is wearing clumsy spectacles. Number 1 is what he fights for, to make his parents proud. You must be thinking this boy is a brilliant kid because he always gets number 1, but in fact, his class has only 13 students.

Then he steps into secondary school. He meets a lot of new friends and become an eloquent person. Before that he can study days and nights, but now he can talk days and nights. He can talk anything from west to east, from sky to sea. That’s why he has a big mouth now. However, at the same time, he is a “afraid to lose” person, in local language is KiaSu. He still wants his Number 1. Now his class has 36 people. He plays hard, studies also hard. But someone has snatched his number 1. Every time exam results are released, his first concern is how much he gets and second concern is how much the competitor gets. Until a point that he wishes to learn witchcraft to swap results with the competitor. Just a joke. However, he believes goals and competition are the great motivators to push him further. At the end he manages to get number 1 in overall O level result. Yess.

With his perfect score in O level and matriculation, he manages to enter a number 1 local university called University of Malaya Everything must be number 1, cannot number 2. He is a chemical engineering student who loves physics and chemistry. In university he studies hard but play harder. He is an active and restless person. He joins all sorts of activity like lantern festival, choir and others. The proudest thing in University he has done is participation in a presentation competition. He emerges as a South East Asia champion and goes to Germany for grand finale. He enjoys his University life, so much fun. Small regretful thing in University life is, he didn’t join toastmaster club.

He has done his tertiary education, enough is enough. It is time to earn money! With an ambitious heart, he wants to go oversea to start his career, as far as possible. At the end he made it! He gets an oversea offer. And it is very far away. People always say, the longest distance is when the object is just beside you. So here I am, Beloved Singapore, neighbour of Malaysia. I love targets, that’s why I accept the offer as an applications and sales engineer here.

But before I start my career, I think I should get a western name, so that people can remember my name easier. When I discuss this with my friend, she told me her brother’s name is Sky. I was like, “what? He thought he is who? Sky is the limit; he is the sky?” Ok, then let him be the sky, I be the Sea! But wait! My surname is Tee, if I am sea, I will become Sea Tee!? (Sity, come here swept the floor, so dirty). Cannot be. Next, how about Lemon!? Sweet and nice. But then I cannot go subway or restaurants because people will order Ice lemon tea. No way. Let’s search vocabulary which ends with the pronunciation T. Majesty, warranty, poloT, guarantee, ahha, Garen, sounds good, I saw this name in a game called League of Legend. The character is tough, strong and brave. This suits me. Ok chop, sign and approve. I am Garen Tee.

My company colleagues love my name; they keep saying my name loud even when they are working seriously. They keep calling my name because I am famous and so loveable? No, because my company offers customer hydraulic guarantee, mechanical guarantee and process guarantee.

Ladies and gentlemen, I hope everyone here knows me better today and can I ask the last question? Hope you guys can response me loudly. “I am ?”

The End


Okay, I think I did add a bit of salt and pepper into the speech to make it entertaining. What do you think?

If you are a new toastmaster, feel free to use this as a Toastmasters Ice Breaker Speech Sample or reference. But for the first speech, what matters more is the experience of delivery a speech in front of the crowd. Techniques can be improved later on.

If you haven’t joined a toastmasters club before, you can explore it :)))



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