#106 – 7 Things I am doing during #StayHome Covid-19 period

#StayHome #WashHand are the hottest hashtags in social media now. Yup, together we can win Covid-19. I sincerely pray that this episode will really end soonest/asap/now. Believe most of us are bored due to limited mobility and activity during this period.

So what are you doing at home then??? Share Share!

For me!

  1. Working
  2. Netflixing
    • Thanks to Netflix, my life is painted with Korean Fried Chicken, Resurrected Plant, Consulting Inspector, and many more!
    • I highly recommend the following:
      • Crashing land on you! Don’t judge me, this series is really good even though it’s typical Korean love story. I think the idea of love story between Northern and Southern Koreans is really interesting!
      • Image result for crashing land on you
        Netflix Crashing Land on You
      • Kingdom! A Zombies show! Korean really can produce nice Zombie shows (Watch Train to Busan if you haven’t!). Zombies in dynasty era is quite rare, so this Kingdom series is worth the Claps Claps Claps. It’s quite bloody so don’t mind that and don’t watch at night. LOL
      • Image result for kingdom season 2
        Netflix Kingdom
      • Sherlock! A famous detective show, Sherlock Holmes, with many twists. Dr Strange acting the smart detective, okay it makes sense! LOL. I love the British Accent too, can help improving my public speaking skills. LOL
      • Image result for sherlock season 4
        Netflix Sherlock
      • Other shows worth watching will be: DARK, Ragnarok, Money Heist, Lucifer and otherssss….
  3. Gaming
    • Used to play League of Legend then DOTA 2, now I am playing Mobile Legend. The game is generally shorter than LoL and DOTA 2, and it’s on mobile, so it’s easily accessible. The 5 v 5 mode is awesome even though frustrating due to stupid players (from a certain country, sorry!).
    • Actually I started playing this game because it’s leisure activity during lunch hour in my last job. And I am still playing it even though I have changed my job. 🤣
    • But now I am only playing Magic Chess mode in ML now. It’s FUNNNNNNnnnnn!!!
    • Image result for mobile legends
      Mobile Legend
  4. YouTubing
    • Other than listening to Musics and watching Singers, I am now watching a Taiwanese Killer Game called 凹嗚狼人杀. It’s really exciting to watch them playing. It makes me want to play Killer Game so much! Once upon a time, I was quite pro with this game lor! haha. If you have lobang where to play, let me know lah. I tried the online version, it sucks. Ooops.
    • killer game.png
  5. Napping
    • One thing I hate working in the office is, I can’t take a nap! Staying and working from home, taking a nap is the best thing that can ever happen! Who doesn’t love sleeping right??? 休息为了走更长远的路!(Rest is to walk further)
  6. Reading
    • I force myself to read some books! “Don’t be lazybun and wasting time.” to brainwash me. Recently reading Neurolanguistic Programming related book and a motivational book. Really need motivation to go through this gloomy days!
  7. Blogging
    • I am thinking to activate my blog again to fulfill my dream to be an INFLUENCER. I don’t think this will ever happen, but TRY lah. You guys please support leh. hahaha.

Among these 7, how many we have in common? Share with me :)))

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