#105 – Tips for Working From Home (Part 2)

Are you working from home now?

Funnily, I saw a hashtag on Instagram saying #WFH. I initially told it’s a typo of “What The Heck”. Then I googled the acronym… Wao. It’s “Work from Home”. LOL

Actually, I have been doing this for 10 months already 😛😛😛 Thanks to my job. When I told my friends that, they usually show a “Wah so good” expression. Well now, I think most of them get to experience quite well that already (due to lock down or business continuity planning during the invasion of COVID-19/Coronavirus).

I utterly get used to it. Wake up alone, breakfast/lunch alone, work alone, and gossip alone (joke). Sound sad right? But it’s fine. I gain freedom and control in return. 😁

As everyone guessed it right, discipline is number 1 requirement when working from home. Would you agree so too?

Now, what are the challenges when working from home?

  1. Temptations to:
    • Wake Up Late!
    • Watch Youtube clips one after another without you aware of it!
    • Scroll Social Media non-stop!
    • Spend more time on non-work related things. E.g. chatting, house cleaning, gaming, cooking, etc
    • Spend longer time to eat! (Totally me)
    • Have “No bosses around, never mind lah” mindset
    • Lastly, lying on our comfy bed and…. falling asleep. 🤣
  2. Distractions from:
    • Family especially if you have kiddos at home.
    • Whatever big or small that could happen at home (food/package delivery, gossip happening when relatives are here, yummy snack/dessert/food prepared by mummy/daddy/spouse and many more)

So how can you make yourself efficient while enjoying working from home (from my personal experience)?

  1. Find a suitable working space at home
    • It could be your room or study room as long as it has a table and chair.
    • It should be quiet and comfortable to work
    • And a place that can minimize all the temptations and distractions. So working on the bed is a NO NO!
    • However, comfortable attire is definite a perk of #WFH.
  2. Make a TO DO LIST
    • List down what you need to do for the day and complete it no matter what.
  3. Take small breaks in between
    • Living in today’s instant gratification world, our attention spans are unfortunately shorter. So instead of wasting your energy to force yourself to focus, take small breaks to energize yourself. After the small breaks, work hard again.
    • Since you are home, why not allow yourself to visit kitchen frequently to enjoy snacks, coffee breaks with your family, play a little bit of game or a nap to freshen you up. Remember never overdo it.
  4. Listen to music
    • Nobody is going to stop or judge you when you blast your music at home.
    • High energy songs can keep you awake and cheer you up if not distracting you. My favourite song to 100% wake me up in the morning is 皮囊 from Jam Hsiao! LOL
    • Else quieter rhythmic songs to help you focus on your tasks. Youtube has many Jazz or some piano clips that can be played NON- STOP.
  5. Discipline yourself
    • Your #WFH could be temporary, after some time, you may go back to office. So, never allow yourself to sleep in till you wake up naturally.  This will become a bad habit.
    • Even though I work from home all the time, I force myself to wake up early to work out or exercise. So you can try this too.
  6. Keep your boss updated!
    • I think bosses don’t like to lose control of our work progress/performance to a certain extent. So letting your boss know about your progress is not only gaining him/her trust but also motivating you to complete your tasks.

Among all I have listed here, how many you agree and what other things work better for you? Share with me leh.

In short, I believe with a little bit of disciple in us, working from home can be both enjoyable and efficient.

Lastly, don’t forget your coffee/tea or breakfast to start an awesome day at home 😋 while working. AND ENJOYYYYYYYYyyyyyyyyy!!!

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