#104 – PicoSure Laser Treatment (Picolaser) in Singapore Review

Do you have terrible skin with LARGE PORES? ME TOO!!!

So, finally I have taken a bold step forward – to get Picosure Laser Treatment or Pico Laser for my lovely face in Singapore… To know my journey and review of Niks Professional clinic prior to the treatment, you can read them here (part 1) and here (part 2). Disclaimer, this is an out-of-pocket Picosure Laser treatment review, 100% guaranteed honest!

I have consulted a doctor from Niks Professional on which laser treatment is suitable for me. Due to my day job, I can’t have long downtime as it will disrupt my work and I don’t have much leaves as well. Typically laser treatment like CO2 laser or chemical peel has a week or two downtime. So Doctor recommended Picosure Laser treatment to me but he did mention I won’t be seeing zero pores after the laser. Picosure Laser is a newer laser technology that doesn’t have long downtime (it’s just few hours actually) and focuses on enlarged pores. It should be improving the overall skin conditions as well because the laser treatment can help the generation/production of Collagen in the skin. Yup, Collagen matters the most!

Well, that’s the only option for me back then, so I take his recommendation and break my piggybank… as it costs me… whopping 3,000 Singapore Dollars! for 5 laser sessions. So one session is like 600 dollars and must complete this treatment within 6 months. Blame my stupidity for not taking care of my skin when I was younger! And I need to pay for it.

Picosure Laser Singapore Price: 3,000 at Niks Professional (2019)

Thanks to UOB credit card, I can pay by installment… phewwwww. 500$ each month.

The Picosure Laser Treatment process is quite simple (In words first):

  1. Book an appointment. Need to book in advanced. They have good business!
  2. Go to the Niks Professional clinic in Somerset, Singapore.
  3. Nurse will apply numbing cream on the face (as laser is hot and of course we will feel pain when it’s hitting our skin). The numbing cream $$$ is not inclusive in the package, so need to pay extra 20+ $$ for normal numbing cream for 1 hour or 30+ $$ for stronger numbing cream for 30 minutes. Opt for the stronger one if your pain tolerance is lower.
  4. After 30 minutes or 1 hour (sometimes longer as need to wait for Doctor.
  5. Laser time! it lasts about 10 to 15 minutes I remember.
  6. Then cooling pad on the face for another 10 to 15 minutes or longer if you want.

If you need more info, leave your comment, I will try to answer you.

Surely you would like to know more about the BEFORE and AFTER.

Alright. Here we go! It’s photo time! (WARNING: Terrorizing skin conditions and photos!)

This is the photo before I have undergone the first treatment:

Then the numbing cream (I opt for 30 minutes because always rushing from work and earlier treatment slots are more available); They also use plastic wrap to cover the face, like those plastic wrap in the kitchen. Am I fresh meat undergoing marination?! Joke! LOL
I guess it makes sure the numbing cream do its work.

Then the Picolaser process. Of course no photos! I am not paid to do this review. 😂 But I wish I can do a paid one though. Wakaka.
The experience of Picosure laser process will be: hearing “pi pi pi” sound of the laser, smelling “burnt smell”, tickling on the face like little little sparks here and there, feeling little pain (not scary no worry) on the skin, and hot hot hot.

After the Picosure laser:


If you notice (or it’s okay not), after the laser, my face is VERY red (or red-er than before) with red patches and pores are “MAGNIFIED” or ENLARGED further. I could feel the HEAT on my face even after the cooling. To be exact, I can feel pulsing on the skin (dub dub dub like lighter version of heartbeat).

The first laser usually is the worst as it’s new experience to me and my skin. After that it really gets better and more tolerable. When home, I followed doctor’s instruction to apply the same skin care products subscribed to me.

Just like what doctor has said, Picolaser has no downtime. The next day, I can go out like nothing happened even though I got a little redness.

few days after 1 st

So it has a total of 5 rounds, same processes but laser intensity will get stronger and stronger every time as per doctor’s judgement.

Honestly, I was hoping significant improvement after every laser… I was kinda disappointed. Pores are still large and visible. Perhaps the pores did look shallower lah, but just not good enough.
However overall skin condition indeed got better.


This is after all 5 Pico Laser Treatment Sessions:


After my first round of Picosure Laser Treatment:

Improvement? Yes my skin did look better. Not super satisfactory of course.
Pores? I want to believe the condition got better, unfortunately, they are still large and visible.
Acne? Significantly lesser
Oily? Improved little little bit
Skin brightness? Yeah I think it’s better than before
NO ONE can tell I did something on the face after that one whole round of treatment… this tells a lot I guess.


Here is my last conversation with Doctor:

Me: Doctor, my pores are still obvious…
Doctor: Oh, you need few more rounds of treatment.
Me: Few rounds?
Doctor: Usually my customers will do few round.
Me: I see. But it’s expensive, any other treatment available?
Doctor: You need HEAVY treatment for your conditions, like I suggested before, you can opt for CO2 laser. Do it like once a year, it’s effective. You chose Picolaser last time because you can’t have downtime right? If you can have downtime, I recommend CO2 laser
Me: Yeah. Okay. How much is it?
Doctor: About 1,000 dollar.
Me: … Okay let me think about it.

That’s the end of my story of Picolaser or Picosure laser treatment journey… LOL… another 3,000 dollars? NO WAY.


Ask me this: So overall, what do you think about Picosure Laser Treatment?

  1. It’s a treatment for rich people since few rounds are required.
  2. Minimal downtime is really great!
  3. It doesn’t eliminate or minimize my pores effectively. (Nothing against the Doctor and clinic, but I would prefer if he can just slap my face and tell me to go with laser with downtime straight. At least I won’t be disappointed as I was giving myself a false hope that first round of picolaser will save me. Of course it’s my fault and wrong judgement too.)
  4. So ladies and gentlemen, if you can afford a few rounds of Picosure Laser treatment, you can consider this treatment. Doctor from Niks Professional is knowledgeable, reliable and of course capable, please feel free to consult him (Dr. Hendry). I appreciate his advice and treatment.
  5. But if you really want the results, I would advise you to go with something stronger and accept the downtime. We want results rather than “wasting the money” to try and error right?  So do look for such treatments (e.g. CO2, or cheaper one will be chemical peel) for your issues especially enlarged pores like me. Let’s cry together…

If you think that’s the end of my “#SavingMyFace” effort, you are wrong. I am not GIVING UP. Thanks God I found another clinic with more affordable prices and to do what I have suggested above – treatments with downtime.
I have made a RIGHT CHOICE! My skin is ON ITS WAY to EXCELLENCE!

I shall share it once I have time! please stay tuned!

#Picolaser #PicosureLaser #FacialTreatment #NiksProfessional

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