#103 – Niks Professional Review Part 2

Feeling irresponsible if I don’t finish my review for Niks Professional Singapore (Niks Maple West Clinic) after my first post (https://garen-tee.com/2018/12/03/073-niks-professional-review-and-skin-care-tips/) right?

Let me show you some results first: (WARNING!!! Terrorizing Skin Conditions!)

This photo is before I used the products:


As you can see: 1. Redness, 2. Big Pores, 3. Acnes, 4. Color Imbalance, 5. Acne Scar, 6. Ugly Die and Traumatizing!!! 🤢

This is the photo after I use the product for 1 – 2 months:


Photo may not show you the exact improvement as they are taken from different angles. But let me tell you what I personally feel:

  1. The products recommended by doctor are mainly oil based, meaning, my face still looks oily after applying the products. As doctor said, oily face is better than dry face, so I shouldn’t be bothered. If so, just apply another cream (another $$$) before sleep to control the sebum, or use tissue paper to remove the sebum on the skin gently especially mid-day.
  2. What improvements: I find my skin having lesser redness, tendency of having acne/pimple is lower, overall I would say 20-30% improvement compared to I anyhow use skin care products in the market. I am a total advocate of seeing dermatologist and getting the right products instead of testing commercial products blindly.

General Reviews of Niks Professional

  1. Professionalism: I like Dr Hendry. He is professional and knowledgeable. What I have gained from him will be how to take care of my skin better (esp on NOT TO WASH FACE A LOT!).  So I would recommend Niks Professional and Dr Hendry 😀
  2. Affordability: The products are priced quite similarly as the commercial products on Watson/Guardian’s shelves. Some of course more pricey. One thing about this clinic will be, all are charged 😅. For example, seeing Dr before any laser procedure needs $$$; want to look at “before and after photos of the treatment”, need to see doctor first, so need $$$. However they do have some loyalty program in place, e.g. $10 spent you get 1 point. Then you can use those points to get discount for your next purchase. 1 point = 1 $. Basically they want you to go back to them 😛
  3. Service: In general Doctor and nurses are friendly. They will call you to follow up after your laser treatment too. This is quite good actually. Just sometimes at Orchard clinic you need to wait for quite awhile even it’s your appointment time. This is understandable I guess.
  4. If you want to know more, leave your comment below too.


As I shared previously, all these products are to alleviate my sensitive skin so that I can take up the Picosure Laser Treatment for my super gigantic monstrous open pores right?

I don’t know if you feel me, I hate my skin condition and feel a little moody whenever I look at the mirror. Since I am working and earning some money, I believe the investment can make me feel happy/happier. Don’t judge me! A guy will have such feeling too. LOL

And I DID IT! I was “eating grass” for almost 6 months while I was doing that. Not because doctor recommends so, it’s just because it costs me a bomb…

Let me write a post specifically just for Picosure Laser Treatment Review! Click Here!

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