Lesson from Sales Guru

Have you heard of “Tangibilize”.

Tangibilizing means showing photographs and. other graphics, videos, awards and recognitions, testimonials, and other elements (e.g., menus) that make the organization’s services more real or tangible.

Tangibilizing the benefits customer can gain through our products and services is a great sales method. E.g. product costs 10k but the product can help customer earn 30k. We need to let customer see that extra 20k instead of focusing on the 10k cost. 🤔 Perhaps during presentation, show customer what they can achieve, then lastly show them how much they need to spend. Or another way round? Which is more impactful? Need to try! Lol.

Selling premium products in today’s world is difficult because everyone wants to cut cost. Then what can we do? Emphasise on the total cost of ownership. Let customers know they are actually buying at the lower cost! Effective? Yeah depends how we present to customers.

Next lesson is, how to be an awesome employees no matter what roles we have in company. Three things;

1. Increase profit

2. Increase market share

3. Cut cost

Not a rocket science. But companies are paying Consultants to get these tips (a lot of 💰 lor). 😂

Another great learning day. 😉

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