#101 – How to Get Promotion!

[Two Minutes Read]

Best way to learn things is to “Leech” on Wiser Person!

I loved my supper session with toastmasters buddies and veterans. The biggest and the most valuable takeaway was on “how to get promotion!”. Let’s discuss about this.

Fact: Smartest and “hardworking-est” persons may not be the ones sitting in the bigger rooms – meaning, getting promoted in a company. Do you agree?

Then who has the highest chance to get the promotion?

The secrets are:


Nothing will happen if you do not have the desire to get promoted. There is a will there is a way. Sharing with you a quote from Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich.

Think and Grow Rich

Deliver what your bosses looking for and then they will give you what you are looking for.

Not a rocket science. But do you think it’s easy? NOPE.

Because you need to know exactly what your bosses want and be capable of delivering just that (you do not necessarily need to be extraordinary). For example, you have many projects and tasks on hand, few of them are direct requests from your boss. This time, you should prioritize these few tasks and complete the most important/urgent one. By doing so, you will project an excellent image to your boss that you are capable and efficient. It’s about the impressions you are illustrating.

Be able to ignore the noises and distractions

What do I mean? Focus on what your bosses want first. The rest? Never mind, they can wait. Sometimes, we might have the tendency to lose our focus due to overwhelming works. This time, what we need to do is prioritizing the task that is having the highest urgency, BASED ON YOUR BOSS’ CRITERIA.  

Help Your Boss to GET CREDIT

Managers hire smart people so that his/her team can produce results and he/she can take credit for that. Big bosses, after noticing the results, will surely give our bosses big thumbs up right? Big bosses usually won’t cares much if the results are generated by the managers themselves or their teammates.

You must like or pretend to like your boss!

This is another piece that is required to make the Magic work. We would agree that, bosses won’t promote people who do not like them right? So even if you hate your boss, you must not reveal it.

It would be the best if you sincerely like or admire your boss. Having this fondness or admiration, you are likely to be motivated to work harder for your boss too. In short, find a way to like your boss and of course, make sure your boss likes you too. (I am not referring to the love relationship here OK?)

Bingo! Thinking of asking for a promotion? Applies these secrets!

Hope these tips from my toastmaster seniors can help you (and me) to achieve it. 😉

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