#100 – KayPoh, Don’t act smart lor

Look at this photo, it’s taken before our worship session at church this morning. The guy in the middle with green/red/blue checker shirt requested to take a group photo, and put his phone at a rack preparing to take a wefie. When everyone was in position, I subconsciously went forward to the phone and started the timer (honestly without thinking much). If you look closer at the guy’s hand, he has an I-watch!!! Hahaha. He planned to take the wefie through his watch and yet I “KayPoh” started the timer. Well, being polite, they didn’t “boo” at me but waited for the 10 seconds count down. 🤦‍♂️. Realising my stupidity, I so wished to dig a hole to hide. 😂

Then within the next 10 seconds, we had taken several shots because he just pressed on his watch instead of waiting a count down. Well, technology!

Being kaypoh is one thing, but this small incident reminds me that I shouldn’t act smart. The intention is great, but is that help/offer really needed? Taking a step back to look at the incident, so, instead of just acting smart and taking action immediately, I should ask the person if he/she needs that. Meaning more “May I, do you need, would it be great if……” before I act.

P/S: No choice la, I move too fast liao, forget people’s feeling 😝

Have you ever experienced this? If so, take that as a reminder 👍🏻

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