#099 – Bedtime Sharing – Want to Live Long? Be Positive and Help Others


New SERIES! LOL!!! Bedtime Sharing! Short lesson of the day

Bedtime Sharing – 8th Jan

It’s lunch time! I was enjoying my yummy laksa and Mobile Legend (a mobile game), suddenly a grandpa (stranger) asked me: “Do you know if there is a post box in this mall?”. I said: “I am not familiar”. After a while, I googled the answer and told grandpa about it. Grandpa smiled and started chatting with me.

After little chat, he asked me to guess how old he is. I started with 72! He said “higher”. Then I chose 81! BINGO. He continued: “Do you think I am old?”, I gave an awkward smile (I cannot say YES ma right?) and replied: “You look healthy”. He laughed and revealed his secret: “IF you want to live long, you must always be POSITIVE”. “Chinese saying: Ten Thousand miles start with a single step, don’t afraid to try, be positive! If you fall, you stand up and continue, ultimately you will BE THERE”. “If you are negative ah, you will fall sick and not happy, so always be positive”.

I smiled and nodded my head (till my neck quite sour LOL)

“Ah boy, you are still young, learn as much as possible at work, but at the same time, join social works and help the others, that’s my secret of living strong too!”

It’s a very interesting yet unexpected encounter with this cheerful grandpa. Well, I gain the positive energy from him and the GOLDEN advice.

Are we being positive and helpful? If you want to live long? Better start to be!

Good Night :))

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