2020 – Cease to Struggle & You Cease to Live

Oh well, 2019 has been like a roller coaster. Being optimistic and forgetful about bad things, I would conclude it as a GREAT year. Things to appreciate? Hmmm… A new job with nice boss, new hair cut, seen and experienced much more things and etc. I am thankful to God for His love and mercy.

2020 – a year or rather a set of digits that are quite familiar; Malaysia’s 2020 vision? Nah, none of the expectations have happened, but what matters the most is still what I or you can do/achieve in 2020.

Witnessing the fantastic firework of Taipei 101 signifies an awesome start of 2020. The firework somehow fuels up my engine to be more ambitious; hitting my annual sales target, earning more money, expanding my abilities, and etc. (Usual sh*t)

But what’s really burning me, is a book I encountered at Eslite Bookstore in TaiPei – “Cease to struggle and you cease to live” or in Chinese 《不要在该奋斗时,选择安逸》.

Just the title, it’s enough to stimulate some thoughts in the 28-year-old mind (29 to be). Flipping through the book foreword, I felt my heartbeat hasten, face gone red as if being slapped many times. Of course this is one of the millions motivational books we can find in the market. However, isn’t it fantastic that the book actually speaks directly to our minds? That can mean, it works! It motivates.

So 2020, I want to be more disciplined, which means, lesser gaming time, lesser Netflix, lesser lazing moments, more discipline, more reading, more networking, more performing and more time with God. Well, the “resolutions” idea works better if the targets are likely achievable, more specific, time-lined, and giving more sense of fulfillment. I gonna list mine privately; shhh no peeking!

My friends, what are your little milestones you would like to achieve in 2020? Don’t think “resolutions” is cliche/overrated so you don’t think about it. Have you heard of ““Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”? 

May 2020 be a fulfilling year to all of us 🙂


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