I Scored Many Cs

With pounding hearts, I was holding an envelope with my shaking hands. It’s first time I felt breath’s so hard to catch. This feeling is none other than “breathtakingly” anxiety. It’s my Uni exam result! “Open it” said my brain. “Do it” said my heart. “Tear it open” that’s what my hands did.

My heart skipped few beats, and goosebumps waved from my toes to head. “What? 4 Cs and 1 A?!!!”. My legs lost their energy but my hands were still squeezing the paper with all their might. What’s flashing in mind: “I was always number 1 or 2 in secondary school, and I scored full A1 in my SPM”. “What had happened to me?! Since when I am so dumb 😭”

Anxiety turned to disappointment, then further switched to depression. Now my hearts were rocking and rolling. “What should I do now, since I had become stupid. My future was dark and full of terror. I was DOOMED.”

“Duh dub dub dub!”

Eyes open. Oh. Thanks God, it’s just a dream. LOL!!! #throwback

What’s the dream trying to tell me? I am not doing great enough compared to the glorious days? Should I do something now? 🤔

Okay you tell me! Haha.

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