Talk to the Boss

Just came back from Manila Business Trip not long ago, and I have learned an impressive lesson – Talk to the Boss!

Nowadays I deal with my local distributors and visit customers together from time to time. Of course objective is to sell them products.

There is one new customer in Philippines that I have just visited.

Firstly we met the operation guys because they are the potential users of our products. After some presentations and sharing, we got to know they are not decision makers. So my agent dug more information about the decision maker who can actually decide the switch over to our products. No luck.

Then the agent knows a guy from the main contractor (who design and build the plant), she insisted to visit him. So the meeting happened but the contractor was not in the position to make the decision too. No luck x 2.

She was persistent! She wanted to visit the Plant Manager who is her friend. And that’s the time magic happened. From the plant manager, we got to know they were actually looking to buy some equipment, but there’s delivery and trust issue. And my agent is selling that kind of equipment too. Without hesitation, she started to persuade the manager non-stop! And she made it! She has the stock in Philippines that can fulfil the urgent requirement. And she packaged my products with the equipment and offered to the customer.

I just got to know, she got the order. Wow!

So this whole process that I have witnessed is very interesting to me. Want to close a deal? Talk to the boss!

Hahaha. So if you are a boss, please befriend me. If you know some bosses, please intro me. Who knows one day, this network will help. Hiak hiak

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