#094 – If life can start over again…

This is definitely a random topic and I am writing this on an AirAsia airplane, nothing to do what mah!

So many people passing by, probably in and out of our lives. Some, we admire; some, we despise; some, we ignore. However, how does it feel, if I can suddenly become another person and start another life? Is this thought coming into mind because of being bored with my life now? No Answer!

But it’s undoubtedly fun to do so. I guess that’s why people enjoy virtual reality games as they can forget who they are and become they wish to be in that unreal world.

Everyone has one life, true enough every single decision links to another, and it leads to different destiny. Some regrets can be amended but some can’t. We cheer when the decision is awesome (in our own perspective) and we sigh when the decision turns out sour (in our own perspective). If we are struggling in life, perhaps that’s because we limit ourselves to what we own, feel and experience at that exact moment. What if we can view our lives from a bird eye view. “Eh? There are so many roads to take, why do we need to stick to this “only” one?”. Easy say than done, there are so many chains tie us down, be it actions, people, circumstances and many more. Can we truly free ourselves from all these and pursue the so called “Dream”? It’s all melted down to determination. I have heard people undergo drastic changes in life; dump everything and do things they like; let go what they held dearly and start afresh somewhere else; sacrifice everything just to taste the fruit of freedom.

“Everything is possible”, this is just a cliche? Perhaps it’s true. At least on the point where you are determined to do something with your existing life. At a point of time, I think being emotional is not good, but perhaps emotion is what makes us human and that’s what makes things possible. Happiness, sadness, disappointment, surprises, etc are emotions. The very transformation of one person, most of the time, has a strong push by the emotion(s). Or else who will really take that Jump?

So can I say emotion contributes to determination, determination contributes to transformation, transformation leads to… a happier life?

But is happier life guaranteed? I don’t know (black mirror effect).

Is everyone ultimately seeking for happiness? The real motivation of growing, achieving, partnering, profiting and etc is all because of pursuing happiness? Oh well, happiness is also an emotion. It’s back to human, huh?

There is no wrong to pursue happiness as happiness can let us sleep soundly, make us feel positive and allow us to feel life is worthwhile. So if this is damn true, shall our decision be made based on happiness? No wonder Marie Kondo is so viral. For Joy!

If everyone is joyful, will the world be peaceful? will people love each other more? will you and I be truly happy?

There is one thing I wish to assure you, that is, I am not EMO ok? Don’t PM me and ask “are you okay?”! Hahaha. I am just being philosophical, once in a blue moon. Hahahaha (okay this does sound like Joker)

May be involving in some acts recently and so wish to be rich just like that! Haha.

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