#093 – Working from Home?

As some of you may know, I have landed myself a new job. Okay, I know, “Again!???”. This time round I was hooked by a phone call from an agent and the interesting job.

Yeah the most interesting part is, working from home. It’s a regional sales role, supplying water treatment additives (chemicals). It’s a fast growing startup so I think I want to hop onto the fast moving train. There are only 5 people in SG so it doesn’t make sense to have an office.

That summarizes the change.

Working from home is possible with a non-micromanaging boss and self-discipline employee. Do I like this? So far so good. I have the control of my time meanwhile performing what’s necessary. But I do think I can work harder.

Some people say a social butterfly like me may not be suitable, but I think I can. Undeniably I still enjoy having many colleagues to chat with and mingle around.

Now I just hope I can be more occupied and travelling does spice up my working life even though losing control of my weekday evenings.

So let’s see if I would enjoy this but I hope I won’t change job again!!! Haha. Even though 🤦‍♂️ with the learning and the poor business performance of the territories I am handling.

☝🏻The farewell photo with my ex-company office

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