#092 – EQ or IQ?

Everyone says EQ is more (much more) important than IQ. Do you agree?

I… agree with one hand but not two. I think IQ is still equally important as EQ! A normal IQ person with high EQ may not achieve success (of course, arguably vice versa). Just imagine a smart person will ultimately solve more problems than a normal one. If the smartie has sufficient EQ, then it is a bonus. Chances of him/her to be the Apple of Boss’ eyes or successful businessman are relatively higher, provided EQ level is acceptable.

So I think EQ and IQ are both equally important. Just like me, I feel my EQ is higher than IQ, can EQ bring me anything? I don’t see much yet. If I have higher IQ than what I have now, may be I will be working in the best company and having the fantastic pay. Nah! Haha.

However improving EQ is still worth doing! Since IQ is rather hard to improve… right? “Boh Hhe Hei Ma Ho”. If you know that one way, please let me know! Haha

Today I was tasked to drive colleagues out for lunch. Actually I would prefer to sit in the Toyota Noah of my colleague than driving the lousy company car (KIA sth, don’t even bother to remember the model). No choice, as we have 9 people. The same group of colleagues drove out for lunch yesterday too, colleague A and B were with me in the “amazingly hot” company car. Today the same colleagues sit in “my car” too. However I found it unfair as the colleagues C and D always get to sit in the comfy Noah.

So after we arrived the lunch place, I went to complain to colleague C and D saying that “you guys should let A and B enjoy the big car mah, then only fair mah”. I guess my intonation was a bit fierce and unfriendly. So the HR director standing behind showed a little bit unhappiness as colleague C is her staff.

They knew I was joking and didn’t mean that bad.

However upon reflection, I shouldn’t do that actually. Or rather I should use a more polite way to encourage colleague C and D to swap with A and B. “Aiya, where does my high EQ go a?”. Okay, I take note on this and try not to do this again. This action won’t make me look good right? So, poker face and staying cool are still the best! Take this as a reminder not to downgrade my EQ. 😂

So reflection after a little episode is always great. EQ after all is still important 😜

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