#091 – Inspired by Landed Houses

I am staying in Yew Tee, Singapore, and a total advocate of this lovely place. Quiet, clean, and kinda convenient. I believe that’s why my two ex-colleagues have moved here. LOL!

There is a nice canal jogging place which I love to run there. It’s very relaxing and comfortable to run there. After the run, I sometimes (second time) would walk pass the landed properties nearby – Verde Villa.

I tell myself, why not stroll through the houses to get inspired?! Since those are homes for rich people right? Haha. Have you done this nonsense before? Lolll. I don’t really appreciate this back in Malaysia as most of us stay in landed house (not this big), now then I feel landed property is a Thing.

So while I am strolling there, I have observed two things:

1. People staying there love two types of cars: Mercedes and BMW. One out of 2 houses will have at least one Mercedes or BMW. Guess which brand wins (In term of quantity)? Mercedes! Haha. Why a? I love BMW more leh.

2. Landed houses always have fancy interior and exterior designs. No doubt. Since they got a lot of money ma. One specific design many houses have is, big transparent glass front door. I guess the owners wanna WOW the passerbys like me, so that we can see how majestic and Atas the interior designs are! Lollll

You may ask, how can these houses be inspiring? Well, the price tag itself is inspiring enough. 2 millions? Okay. I am inspired to work hard to own one, one day. Lollllllll. So easy to be inspired šŸ˜‚

Anyway, it’s good to be inspired easily. May be this kinda house can be a motivation for us to work harder and smarter leh? Yes! That’s the reason people are advocate of DREAMs.

I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the key…

Okay thanks bye.

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