#090 – Cheapskate!

One evening my Taiwanese colleague visited Singapore so I brought him out for dinner lor. And I asked a freshly new ex-colleague to join since he just left the company and wanted to meet the Taiwanese colleague as well. He picked #Brozeit Jurong East as the dinner place as obviously they wanted to drink. We had a great time “discussing secrets” and “sharing bitterness”. Then I saw someone was celebrating birthday at the table next next to us with a cake + mini sparkling firework candle. My eyes sparkled too! I want that!

Oops, but it’s not my birthday leh!!! However two more days was my ex-colleague’s birthday!

Ah ha!!! What I did next was, took the opportunity to go toilet, asked the waitress: “Hey, the dude (pointing at my ex-colleague) is a member and is having birthday in two days time, got complimentary cake for him or not?”

Waitress: “Wait a moment please… (checking the system), oh yes! He is entitled a free birthday cake from us”.

Without hesitation, I said: “Serve now!!! Serve now!!!!!”. As if it’s my membership card and my birthday! Hahahaha

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to youuuuu!!!”, not only complimentary cake, complimentary song some more! Hahaha.

This arrangement surprised him! Yay!!! I asked him, “Are you happy for the celebration?”. He said: “I am surprised and yeah, thanks for that”. Then I told him: “This is a complimentary cake thanks to your membership, hahaha”. Then he jokingly said: “Cheapskate!” Hahaha. He didn’t mind that, of course, and he had the fun! Before we left the restaurant, guess whose card was used? The birthday boy!!! Hahahaha. Cheapskate at its best! (Feeling proud πŸ’πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ). Okay I did want to at least split the bill but he insisted lo. :p

This is a funny story that I think it’s fun to share! Hehe. By the way, we always use the word “cheapskate”, what does that really mean? Google: “A miserly or stingy person”. πŸ™Š

Are you a cheapskate??? It’s good or not? πŸ€”

I guess it’s situational and it depends.

Frugality or being thrifty is a virtue isn’t it? Warren buffet, Mark Z, Bill G, they are frugal. Just like how we love to compare here and there before we purchase to maximise the value of money we spent. And some times we feel like saving money and choose not to indulge in certain things. For me, I am somehow wired to be frugal and never a spender. Thanks to my parents.

However, being stingy is not a good thing. It could be too hard to ourselves and cause us not to take good care of ourselves. No no, not good. From time to time, indulging in something enjoyable especially stress relieving ones is totally worth it! Like I love movies and traveling, spending on these won’t hurt.

And being cheapskate to take advantage of others, this is another big NO NO. Like there is always someone enjoys the best treatment and super nice food from friends and when it’s his/her turn to treat others, she/he will anyhow treat the friends and pick the cheapest things for them. Omg, sound like me? Joking! This is bad lah! Reminder to me. Being generous sometimes is a virtue too. Hahaha.

So be a cheapskate for greater good but not to take the advantage of others. Ok?

P/S: My ex colleague really insisted to pay for us one, not I being CHEAPskate. πŸ˜‚

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