#089 – What’s Your Calling?

Have you ever stood at a junction in life making tough decisions and you feel so troubled? Decision making is an unavoidable scenario in life. Every day we are making decisions, big and small. However, when we need to decide which life-changing (potentially) actions to be taken, that’s when we could find making such a decision is so tough. Critical decisions such as changing a job, making an investment, starting a relationship, and etc. When all the important decisions pop up in a short period of time, it is really overwhelming and mentally draining.

Making decisions blindly is easy, but what’s complicating the situation is, what if that’s a wrong decision. HAHA. Well human, especially like me, tend to worry, WHAT IF I will regret making THAT particular decision?

Have you ever experienced this? If you say “YES”, I thank God, you are a human! LOL

So I am thinking about why it’s so difficult and mind troubling when making all these decisions, that’s after I have made all. So during a supper session with my Toastmasters Buddies, I asked this question and I received an “awaking” answer. In Chinese, we say, 一言点醒梦中人。 The answer is, “Because you do not know your calling in life”. What’s calling? The simpler term will be; purpose in life.

In short, if we know our purpose in life, it will be serving as a bird’s-eye view on our life, we know what decisions to be made and not to make in order to live our lives to fulfill our purpose.  Imagine we are in a maze, we can’t get to see which path will lead us to the exit, what if we have a bird’s-eye view on the maze, we will clearly (at least clearer) know which direction to take. Knowing our calling is like obtaining the bird’s-eye view in life. It serves as a guide in life.

An example I got from my friend, Jacky, his calling is to help people to grow in life. So when he receives two opportunities that are happening at the same time and he has to choose one, he will choose the opportunity that can help MORE people or MOST rather than the one that’s paying better. P/S: Temptations are still very real, so how we overcome that to hold on to our calling, is another art.

This is an interesting yet super agreeable thought. I fully agree with this, sometimes I feel lost, what’s in the future for me, what am I achieving, what do I want in life… etc etc, the list never ends. So knowing my calling in life will straighten the path and show a clear direction. I believe in that, I guess you will too.

I choose to pray about it, hoping God will show me the way and tell me my calling. That’s for me. You can have many many ways to find out the callings in your life.

Personally, I know my calling has to do with my God. After all, He is the one makes me who I am now (Definitely a much better person). I can’t imagine how negative or broken I would become if I didn’t know Him. Thanks God 🙂


I am reading the “Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren. It’s a famous book about finding purposes in life for Christians. One of the main takeaway is, we live to bring Joy to God. So when I was running and kept thinking about my calling. Something very simple comes into my mind; my calling, is to make God happy.

You may say this is a super general and unspecified life purpose. To me, this is the big picture (The WHY) and how I am going to bring joy to God are the action points.

It’s kinda resonant with Marie Kondo’s “Spark Joy” theory. Keep the things that spark joy and throw away what doesn’t. Inspired by this slogan, I come out with #SparkJoyOfGod. So this is (perhaps) my calling in life. Whenever I make a decision, I will ask myself, does this spark God’s joy? If yes, do it, if not, don’t. I know placing God in the centre of everything will NOT go wrong. It’s not easy to follow through this calling. So I pray for wisdom and strength to work it out!

So have you think of your calling in life? If yes, good for you, if not, it’s never too late to find out. 🙂

Another book for reference will be “Man’s searching for meaning”.


Today is Easter Sunday. God has Risen! May His almighty blessings be with you and me. 🙂

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