#087 – Catching Up

Recently there are quite a few meet up to catch up sessions with friends and ex-colleagues. Suddenly I realize that, April is like a busy month to meet friends and celebrate birthday. More catch up sessions to come!

So last week, my buddy KB flew from Sandakan to Singapore for a trip to Bangkok. He managed to squeeze out an evening to meet us. Finally three little beachy potatoes are gathering again! The old good days when we go work, Muey Thai gym, dinner, and watch movie together are unlikely to happen again, but those are memories we treasure. Life still moves on beyond our control right? 🙂

Yesterday a catch up with my ex-colleagues, Cindy and Jade, was a fun one too. It’s still interesting to listen to stories happening in previous company, isn’t it? Sometimes I got the feel like, I am still working in the company and knowing things so well. LOLLL. Well, I can only reminisce loh~~~ LOL.

There are many people come in and out in our life. When it’s a good time, we hope we can have it forever, sadly things may not be in our control. But what we should do is, treasure and savor the time as long as we can. That’s the enjoyment of life. 🙂

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