#086 – Risk and Hope

Today, I have tendered my resignation letter. It’s really a super tough decision and I would say it’s a leap of faith.

I feel so sorry to my boss because 3 out of 4 in his team are leaving…

So now what I would like to do is to pen down my reasons of leaving, because I don’t wish to keep changing jobs!

The little push factors I have are the slow pacing growth and low sales result in the current job as well as the appreciation. I think I can be better paid, that’s why when I was headhunted, I said yes to try. But I believe I can do much more for the company so that I would be more occupied and perform better, perhaps my limitation of abilities restricted myself and I just don’t know HOW!

What I have sacrificed are relationship, partnership, businesses I have built. That really make me feel sad… my heart truly ached because of this… :(( Sob sob sob….

The main reason of leaving is the “Pull factor” I have from the new job. It’s a small and growing company, I wish to spend my Prime Time in a fast pacing and growing company so that I can feel more fulfilling and sense of achievement. As a sales, number and achievement matter because I hope I can really collect trophies of success as much as possible. This is the hope I cling on to when I do the leap of faith. Of course, higher pay and working from home are factors I consider too.

So I must write this down, to remind me this important decision!

In the new job, I am committed to achieve huge success in terms of financial gain and personal growth, I want to be the contributor too!!!

Okay, hope I recover from the sadness and get ready for the challenges ahead! Jiayou!

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