#085 – How to get rid of negative emotion?

Post-holiday tiredness is so real. I feel like I have not enough sleep, my brain and body are screaming πŸ™€. And worst thing is, work doesn’t go well as desire, that pekchek-ness deduces emo-ness! Gosh. Haha. Not that negative but just feel a little bit down.

I just read Tony Robbin’s book about a way of controlling our emotion. If not remember correctly, we need to do something to break this “State” or shift ourselves out of this “State”.

I recognise this “negative state” by telling myself “Okay, this is negative state, go away go away!”. However my attempt of replacing the “state” with “positive state” doesn’t really last long. So I still fall into the negativity. Haha.

I can type that “haha” out, it means I am fine, just that the negative state is still surreal. πŸ™Š. Ok I can seriously feel my exhausted body, I need a good rest.

I believe the best way to get rid of negativity is to take a break / make a leave. Recharge to feel better, then we get back on track!

And Valentine’s Day is such a perfect day to rest. Lol!!!

Okay. I want to read book to calm my heart and mind. πŸ‘‹

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