#084 – Building Guilt can Boost Sales?

“Yes! Today I am going to do an awesome demonstration to the customer and make him buy!” – me at 11am

“Sorry!!! I have an urgent meeting this afternoon, can we postpone the meeting?” – customer at 11.05am

Gosh! This is the third time he has urgent meeting and sacrifices me. The first meeting we had arranged was in November 2018!!! 🤣

“Garen ah, I think we better don’t plan ahead for the meeting, I will let you know one/two days before the date I can make it” – customer.

This means… the meeting will be postponed indefinitely! 😂

Too bad, he is customer and he is the king, of course 🤴

But I want to do an experiment based in this experience. To build guilt. I keep saying “it’s okay, it’s okay, no worry”. Now he already feels bad for postponing the meeting last minute (3rd time), in addition of my “forgiving response”, hope his guilt level hits the max! So when I am finally meeting him, he will love the products (for sure) and show at least some supports (out of guilt) by buying from me! 😈 😈 😈

Will this scenario be in my favour? Let’s see!

How about you? Would you show some supports to someone out of guilt?

#084 – Building Guilt can boost sales?

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