#083 – How to tell a Touching Story

Today’s blue! First day at work after CNY holiday. And I take up a speaking slot in toastmasters club! Now I felt so tired… Anyway, happy birthday as today is everyone’s birthday according to Chinese Tradition (人日)! A “Lou Hei” in Sheraton Hotel brightens up my exhausted day a little bit :p

I mention about me giving a speech right? I really thought I did quite well, but I was slapped by the evaluator. Lolll.

I was talking about my lost of a friend. It supposed to be a touching story, but I sounded like listing down the events in sequence like a historian. LOLL. 🙊

Tips to improve!

1. M – Movie – Develop like the movie storyline

2. D – Dialogue – To spice up the story

3. E – Emotion – Generate emotion (how the characters feel). Act out the character even though I am not him or her.

Still I am glad some kind souls said my speech wasn’t that bad at all. Haha.

In short, I think practice and preparation are still necessary lah. I was mostly impromptu on stage just now (a Challenge for myself).

Perhaps one day I shall write down the complete story which has taught me an important lesson. One day 🙂

#083 – How to tell a touching story

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