#081 – Happy New Year

Happy new year guys!!! Have a blessed year ahead, and I wish 2019 is a year that makes us happy and grateful!

I love new year count down especially the shouting of 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!!! In fact I don’t remember I have a properly new year count down shouting before.

2017, Thai King passed away, no serious count down event in Bangkok

2018, people in KL bar shouted 3, 2, 1 too early.

2019, no count down at all!!! Hahaha, but at least I get to see amazing Firework!

Talking about the new year event, a group of us went to…..

Loop Drink To The New Year event at The Incubator Esplanade Park

I jio them to count together and they got this lobang from googling I think. Without hesitating much we opt for this, as this is the cheapest! Hahahaha. Even though it is not expensive, the event and place are kinda awesome.

The Incubator is an indoor function hall with air conditioning. Haha. So we get to watch the hour long firework without sweating. But the view is not perfect as there are trees and building structure blocking. However overall it is still fine. We get to see the best moment at 12am! Wohooo, the last 7-minutes-long firework is really fantastic!!!

Other than the firework, with the 28$, we get two stainless steel cups and one stainless steel straw, plus two drinks! Haha. There’s live band for awhile then all the Dong Chi Dong Chi Electronic Musics.

Overall it is still a great place to be for new year eve firework and count down!

Of course companions are important too!!! Though I look like a drunken and clubbing kaki to them, we had fun together. Please guys, be younger and dance more ok??? Hahaha.

2019 is officially here, we can’t slow down the high speed train of time. Earth is still spinning and life is still going on, like it or not. What we can do is always, live our lives to fullest.

Face the giants, beat the odds, and conquer the mountains!

Jiayou everyone 🙂

#080 – Happy New Year

Make some resolutions other than #newyearnewme ok? 🙄

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