#080 – Thank You 2018

The year is coming to an end, I guess I would need a big reflection/s for this! Haha. So many people have shared theirs on Facebook, I also want to write down lo!

Hmmm. 2018 to me has been a mini roller coaster. No extreme high and extreme low.

1. Career 👨‍💻

Started a new job. It’s a great learning ground in the right trade with some good colleagues, but it has been challenging journey as the sales is terrible so as my performance. Market is bad? Yeah. My ability is limited? Yeah, not going to deny. I can only hope 2019 will be a muchhhh better year! If you have the same experience, let’s not dwell in the past. 😆 And what I appreciate the most is : I get to travel around!!! Romania, Korea, Vietnam… Wohoo. Love business trips sia

2. Growth 🌱

I have read like average one book a month I think. Greatest learning from the successful people is still Focus! Put all the hearts and efforts on one thing and make sure I am good at it. I am personally exploring what areas I can focus and excel. But it is a journey, I hope I can find my true passion and work hard for it too. Hope I can read more and absorb more next year. Not growth in physical size but the container size of my brain. 😝

3. Relationship 💖

Still Girlfriend-less, unfortunately and fortunately. At least this year there are some actions taken, not going to elaborate further. Haha. But! I am grateful for all my family and friends who always shower me with love and care. Loneliness level is going up but suppressed well with friendship and family ties.

4. Garen-tee.com 💡

Finally back to an active blogger’s life. And 80 posts for 2018 have over-achieved my goal of 52 posts early this year! Wohoo! Thanks for the support. The viewership is not great, perhaps I can explore some other focuses. But I am still glad that I can pen down my feelings and reflections from time to time. Appreciate if you can continue to support and give encouragement. hahaha. 💕

5. Side Projects 🛠

Side projects are stagnant, I thought I could be big boss, unfortunately entrepreneurship journey needs more patience and passion. I need more drive and perseverance for it too. Perhaps I need more inspirations to move on too, ok, I will keep being inspired and motivated by any thing and any person! Open mind and open heart 😆

6. Toastmasters 💁🏼‍♂️

Retired my president role and upgraded to area director role, life feels so much easier. However a wrong successor and placing my trust on wrong person are painful experience. What I have learnt the most from the leadership path is, never trust anyone easily. So always double check the people’s works (only the critical ones), put own hands on dirty jobs and don’t merely trust the “professional” because they are not as good as we thought. Ok too negative but that’s surreal! Haha. 😝

7. Serving Lord Jesus ✝️

Yay! I served for more than 12 times in church, more than planned. Praise the Lord. And I got a chance to be Joseph in Christmas production. Serving God is not a chore but a privilege and I totally appreciate it. I am a sinner and pray that God will accept my offering as a pure gift to Him. Thanks for all the blessings throughout the year too.

8. A Traveler Year ✈️

I am blessed to visit many countries and places this year for leisure and business! Let me count: Hong Kong, Macau, Chang Mai, Hanoi, Romania, Korea, and Hokkaido! Well I really enjoy flying here and there, haha. So really wish I got more chances next year too! Please!!! USA!!!

9. Ushering to 2019 🎉

I don’t have big goals for 2019 because I realise short term goals suit me. Short term goals are more visible to me, I will do my best to achieve them, big and long term goal will make me lose directions and slack! Haha.

But what I am teaching myself is, love myself more! If money is needed to do something that can make me happier, I will just think of a way to earn more and do it! Promise 🙂

Lastly, I still wish myself and everyone to have a happy, cheerful and blessed 2019!

Let’s jump and shout: Hurrrayyy!

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