#079 – Season of Giving and Gifting

This year perhaps is the year I Gift people most for Christmas. I don’t really have this “good habit” of giving presents to people during this season. But somehow this year I am inspired and motivated to gift people! Not forced! Hahaha.

Who doesn’t like presents right? Especially it is so unfair that my birthday present and Christmas present have become ONE!!! So sienzzzz, give me two leh. Haha.

This time round, i realise that gifting can be fulfilling! A simple gift with little thoughts inside can bring profound happiness to people. They are happy then I am happy. That’s simple. And the gift doesn’t need to be expensive, as long as it is something that can touch the heart, then it is already an awesome present.

Just like my friend is feeling uncertain and losing direction recently. So I saw this beautiful book with a heart warming Quote on it, says “Seek Adventures that Open you SOUL”. It is like just nice as this quote serves as an encouragement from me to him too. I wish he can write down his wildest dreams in it and finally know what he wants in life. When I know he loves this little gift, I am happy šŸ˜Š

Gifting from the deep of the heart is really precious, so I also appreciate who has gifted me or simple be there for me too. New year is coming, I am glad that I am still appreciative and grateful for everything. Thanks God.

#079 – Season of giving and gifting

P/S: if I didn’t give you any present, forgive me lah. Hahaha.

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