#078 – Post-Birthday thoughts πŸ’­

It is so unfair for End-December birthday baby! Because we only receive ONE present (both birthday and Christmas!) Sad!!!! πŸ˜‚

Well I am officially and biologically 27 now but I am already 27 since 1st of Jan! Haha. Soooo unfair right? Nah, is ok, December babies cope well and stand strong πŸ’ͺ🏻 (Self Comforting).

I always think Birthday is just another day. But as I am getting older, I feel like I have expectations for it!!! I hope people celebrate for me, I hope people wish me Happy Birthday, I hope people sing and pray for me… omg sound like a lonely person! Yuckssss. Yeah truth is that I was disappointed when the expected Birthday song wasn’t sung on that day. Well is ok (crying hard, jokeeee lah).

But still I am grateful my family and friends still remember and bother to wish and celebrate with me. My brother lah, my friends lah, my colleagues lah. I feel good and appreciative too.

One obvious observation is, I used to wish people HB on Facebook, but now I don’t usually do it. Still there are some friends are wishing me on there, that’s even though a small effort, I really appreciate. Those texted me privately, love you. Those offered company and celebrated with me, love die you!!! Hahaha

It’s also a day to appreciate the hardship of my mum giving birthday to me. And thankful God gives me breath till today πŸ™‚

27th birthday shouldn’t be a significant milestone in life, not like 20, 30, 40, etc. My simple wish is, I can be happy and celebrate more birthdays with loved ones. And everyone around me can be happy too!

#078 – Post Birthday Thoughts

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