#077 – Jesus’ “Father” – Joseph

Blessed to be able to act as Joseph in Faith Carnival Production. As you may know, Joseph is Virgin Mary’s Husband and also Father of Jesus on Earth. He may not be the most important character in the story but when I really dig into the character, he is also a faithful servant!

Imagine your virgin fiancée suddenly became pregnant, what would you think? There must be doubts, suspicions and disappointment or even anger right?

I bet Joseph felt the same when knowing about Mary’s pregnancy. All the sweet impression of Mary and imagination of leading a blessed life must be shattered! Joseph wanted to divorce her so not to shame her, but when Lord commanded him to marry her, guess what he did? He followed God’s command and did what God’s said. Just imagine if Joseph was a selfie and unfaithful person, he wouldn’t accept Mary and walked the journey with her. Then the whole Christmas story would be totally different.

The faithfulness of Joseph is also what we can look up to. Lord’s command may be puzzling to us and hard to embrace, but shouldn’t we take the leap of faith and follow His will? Perhaps we are the important vessel for Him to bless more people in this world. 🤩

Easy to say than done. Faith, I must have faith 😊

I wish that my contribution in the Act can also bless the audience and hope God can touch their souls and hearts!

This is a special year of celebrating my birthday, as I am still acting tonight. I hope the greatest gift to me will be, the greatest blessing from Jesus to everyone I love and I know.

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