#076 – Lucky Year?

To be honest I have always been “unlucky” in any lucky draw! Whenever I want the prices so dearly, they will say “PASS” to me. Pathetic! Well lucky draw as it sounds, there is no much way we can alter probability of picking our names during the draw, even though personally don’t agree with pure luck in life. 😂

But this year seems to be a “lucky year” to be, only during lucky draw, NOT others… T.T

Around few months back, when I was participating a trade show in Singapore, I won the first price of the lucky draw! Phewww, couldn’t believe that time. Haha.

A Google Home! Where it is now? In my room? Nah, sold to someone in the next few weeks I got this. 😆

And the lucky draw blessing continues to strike yesterday! This time round is during company Annual Dinner. There are 20 consolation prices with 50$ Capital Land vouchers, during the draw, I keep screaming my name, because I think winning something better than nothing!

Who knows, no chance, can’t get my hands on the vouchers! Then it has left with 7 big prices. Among them, I want the “AirPod”, “Marina Bay Sand” staycation vouchers, Best Denki cash vouchers! And… I got nothingggggg. Until the last draw by our oversea guest, Company CFO, pick up a paper from the box. The grand price is the Dyson AirWrap, which I do not need for my curly hair!!! Haha. Then my HR girls look reluctant to announce. My colleague sitting beside jokes that, what if the winner is our Operation Director who is bald. Lolll. Then finally the HR girls look toward my direction and shout “Garen Tee”! 💥 💥 💥 It’s meeeeeeeeee!!!! Hahahahhahaha. I won a grand price!!! Wohoooo. A Dyson AirWrap worth 699$. Lol.

They look totally jealous of me. Wakaka. And the next thing I tell them is, “sell you at 10% off” Hahahaha. That’s the only lucky draw price I keep complaining, as it is not Uni-sex product, and yet I am blessed to win that. Hahaha. Thanks God and praise God for this!!!

Lucky draw is really just a fun we look forward during annual dinner, there is no special lesson behind this, just be happy and grateful for getting to be the luckiest one :p

“Happy go lucky” it works. 😝

Can the luck bless my business, sales, increment and bonus a? Hahaha.

#076 – Lucky Year

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