#075 – Telling you a Good News

Christmas is coming! People say it is a season of giving. True! It is a season to celebration. True! And it is a season of blessing. Very true! The born of Jesus has brought the hope of salvation to us, that’s why we celebrate Christmas. 😉

So as a super pattern and “talented” person, I am joining a church production to tell you a story! The born of baby Jesus. It is a simple story that bring us back to the real reason to celebrate Christmas.

It is also a simple story that is known by a lot of people too. Here is a sneak peak of the show:

Oh forgot to say, I am acting as Joseph, Jesus’ “Father”. The girl beside me is Mary, the Virgin Mary. P/S: she is not my girlfriend ok? Hahaha. This is not the good news!

The costume for the whole cast is fantastic, even though I don’t really look good with it. Lol. Musics, Lighting, Sound systems are coming in place, plus all the rehearsals and practices now. All these efforts are to share the Good news of salvation with everyone watching it. So I hope you can join me there too!!!

Here’s the details:

Date: 21st Dec and 22nd Dec 2018

Venue: Faith Methodist Church, Worship Hall

Time: 7pm – 9pm

Free entrance 🙂

See you there ok? Feel free to PM me for more info. God bless you!

#075 – Serving while Enjoying

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