#074 – Shiok to feel appreciated!

As you may know I am working partime in restaurant. This time round I am placed at Wine Connection Telok Ayer! An atas western restaurant which is famous with their wines.

That’s where this photo is taken!

After my first day there, my manager texted me, telling me that I have received good feedback and complements from the restaurant! Wohooooo! I believe that’s because I was helpful (assist them with cleaning and serving) while working hard to promote the mobile app. To be honest waiters, waitresses and managers there are very kind and nice.

So the next shift, I can really feel they feel glad I am there. The smile on the manager’s face explains everything lah! During the shift they also complement me saying “you are the only one pushing the app, many orders!” “Come more often please!”. It is always nice to hear these complements, isn’t it?

The best part is… toward almost the end of my shift, the manager asks me if I have had my dinner. Then he asks me what I want! He says “Anything!” Lollll. At the end I have chosen :

Super delicious and filling Carbonara! By Wine Connection. OMG, I feel seriously happy, because of the treat? Yes! And also the feel of being appreciated!!!

I can’t emphasise more the importance of appreciating people and things. Appreciating is truly uplifting to the persons. Words and actions out of sincere appreciation are empowering, at the same time, encouraging. To be honest, I am looking forward to working there even though the pay is low. Just because I feel I am appreciated šŸ™‚

So friends, be positive influencer in life and appreciate people around you, either in words or actions! Or both!!! šŸ˜šŸ¤©

#074 – Shiok to feel appreciated

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