#073 – Niks Professional Review Part 1 and Skin Care Tips

Finally I cannot withstand my terrible facial skin condition and I WANT A CHANGE! I can no longer trust the commercial beauty products, so I need a dermatologist to cure me professional, JUST TAKE MY MONEY! lolll.

My skin problems? Oily like frying pan, pores big like moon surface, sensitive like girls, pimples like mountains, and dull like charcoal! CANNOTTTTT!!! So I quickly google which good dermatologists available in Singapore and find this: Niks Maple West Clinic, part of Niks Professional. Just nice, near my workplace in Jurong East.

It is like normal polyclinic, take a number and wait to see the doctor, I was the first customer for the evening session and I spent a really good quality time with Dr. Hendry Gumanti

There are a few SHOCKING skin care tips/wrong myths I have learned from Dr. Hendry:

  1. Myth ONE: Toner is GOOD!
    • ❌. Foam facial wash and toner ARE NOT GOOD for my dry skin, they will only make my skin even drier and sensitive! Throw them away.
  2. Myth TWO: Using water to wash face is moisturizing our face?
    • ❌. Water is drying our face! So avoid to keep “watering” our face, just wash face with water once will do. Don’t shower our face!
  3. Myth THREE: Facial cleanser is a MUST.
    • ❌. In fact, a facial cleanser is not a MUST, just cleansing with water will do. That’s what Dr. Hendry always does. Dirt won’t go into skin worrrr. @@
  4. Myth FOUR: If the skin is too dry, skin mechanism will produce more sebum to protect the skin.
    • ❌. People always say, skin is too dry that’s why so much oil produced. WRONG! There is no such theory on dermatology books! Applicable to scalp too. Does it mean I am cheated by beauticians in the facial center???

Other tips include:

  1. In midday, if skin too oily, just use tissue paper to tap tap the skin to remove some excess oil.
  2. Must use sunblock for sensitive skin wor, to control redness.
  3. For guys, there are no pills altering our hormone (so far), so oral medication is not a good solution for guys! Since the “oil” problem is due to hormonal activities. GG.

It is really an ear-opener and thought-provoking. I have been doing the wrong things for so many years, that’s why my skin has become so sensitive. At my age, my skin shouldn’t be so sensitive!!! DAMNNNNNnnn. I should have seen Dr. Hendry earlier lar!

After the consultation, Dr. prescribes some skin care products for me to keep the sensitivity under control. Before I can do the “real thing – LASER”. Hiak Hiak.

These are my morning and evening routines now. Most of them are to moisturize my face. So I have to be disciplined! Feeling Determined.

The prices:

Whether what is a suitable solution for my skin, it depends on the next consultation in two weeks time. Now I look super terrible like this:

I am keeping this as my “Before” photo. I pray that these creams and products can do magic to my skins, PLEASE!!! Make the money worthy…make myself feel more comfortable. Amen!

Part 2 will come out once I have seen the doctor for check-up. 🙂

#073 – Niks Profession reviews and skin care tips.

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