#072 – Chinese Wedding Gate Crash

Perhaps the last wedding I am attending for this year. Sorry that I can’t make it to every wedding. But this last one of the year is a busy one, because I am one of the “Brothers 兄弟” team! Lol. Hmmm is the word “Best Man” suitable to represent “兄弟”? 🤔

Anyway! This is perhaps my second time as a Brother. My first one was like few years ago, no much memory because I joined merely to make up the number. Lolll.

This time round, it is serious! 😂

From the attire you know!

Super Pattern right? Chosen by the bride and groom lo. No offence, I know I look like blinded people. Ok Face Problem! Lol. This attire is actually meant for Chinese Crosstalk. Aiya, it doesn’t matter, as long as enough pattern can already! Hahaha.

We were like a team of 10 Brothers helping the groom to “crash the gate” in the house to “get” the bride. I guess this tradition is only in Malaysia and Singapore. “Games” and “Tortures” by the Sisters are always expected in this “crashing” session. Why? Because they say: “We will appreciate things/people more when you get them through hardships”. Agree? 😆

Thanks Goodness, this time our Sisters are gentle and so loving to the Brothers. Games are fun and not torturing or humiliating. Thumbs Up!!! And thanks to Ang Pao (Red Packet), our lives are little bit easier. To Sisters: “Sorry that the treasurer is super good at Guarding AngPao. If I were the treasurer, I think nothing left in the bag. Lolllll.”

To cut things short, of course, the groom successfully gets the bride lor. Dah dahhhh

The best shoot with the bride (Thanks to 网红 Benson. And I forgot to take with the Groom lolll):

Overall it’s more fun than expected. If I didn’t have the sore throat, it would be even more shiok.

Undeniably, we appreciate more when we put more efforts for the person/thing. I think this is very logical and understandable. At the same time, don’t be appreciative only when we lose them. 🙂

Anyway! I wish a blessed marriage to ZhaoXuan and SiauHui lah. And to all my friends and family who already got married. Marriage is sacred and blessed, so appreciate it. 😍😍😍

#072 – Chinese Wedding Gate Crash

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