#069 – Life is like a Puzzle

Today at church, I heard an interesting story. The preacher was given a puzzle as a gift. Since it’s school holiday, his kids are like being released from chains looking for fun things to do. So, the Star Wars themed puzzle is chosen. Then it has become a family activity. It’s such a torture to piece the 1,000 puzzles 🧩 together. And the worst thing is, there are several Star Wars characters repeated in the images. So it increases the difficulty even more. Guess how many days for them to complete the puzzle? 3 days! Wao!!! Including one half day off taken by the preacher who is a full timer.

As they are completing the puzzle, he realises the fun of getting a cluster completed. Then the joy of finding a connector between clusters. And later the satisfaction of linking clusters to clusters and to the edge of the whole puzzle.

I seriously never complete such a complicated puzzle before, not really a fan of it. Lol.

But one thing he has shared is true. Life is really like the puzzle, when we face a situation at the point of time, we may have no idea why it happens or why it turns out that way. Like a piece of puzzle, we may not know which part of the whole picture it should be. Only until we have more pieces of puzzle and put them together, we can see the whole picture. We are just merely human, we won’t be seeing the whole picture of our life.

So what we can do is, enjoy the process of finding a matching puzzle and be adventurous in life to link the puzzles up. “Life is like a box of chocolate, and also a puzzle 🧩 ”

#069 – Life is like a puzzle

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