#068 – Food worth queuing at Malacca

Family outing day! To celebrate my dad’s early birthday. As he is the “king of the day”, whatever his desire is our command! Since we live in Muar, Malacca is always the place where we can hunt good food, entertainment and shopping spree. 🤩 This time round, we go extra mile to visit a restaurant that always has a damn long queue, even before it opens shop! Since it has been a long time my dad’s taste buds didn’t touch the food, we have decided to join the long queue!

Guess what time we reach there? 4.30pm!!! Lolll so Kia Su right? No choice, the shop opens at 5.30pm AND the queue is usually 30 meters long at 5.00pm! Gosh! For the sake of good food, we take out our best patience. Lol. Thanks God we were the third group in the line. Very very soon, the queue forms after us… phewww.

And finally the boss arrives and the shop opens!!! Hahaha. At 5.30pm we get to sit. Before that they actually start to take order while we are queuing. Efficient! 👍🏻

But, what’s the restaurant???!

The answer is… Restoran Tong Sheng 东升园海鲜家!

The Cheese Prawn Mee Hoon 芝士生虾米粉:

The peppery creamy gravy is really nice. Prawns are fresh too. Overall, it’s totally worth the queue. Mouth watering and drooling right? Their other dishes are delicious too! You can read many reviews online, they are “Hot” place to visit in Malacca.

If you want to give it a try, just Google Restoran Tong Sheng or 东升园. Tip to ensure you don’t need to queue: Call/WhatsApp them to book at least ONE month prior your visit. Contact Mei Yi @+6016 776 7811. Good luck 😂

This is actually my third visit after two years gap, the quality is considered well maintained. We tried Tong Sheng Yuan way before it gets so popular. This is admirable. I hate those restaurants that drop their quality after being famous. Consistency is what we patrons appreciate. And that’s also a key for success other than consistent improvement too 😎 Learn it, guys.

#068 – Consistency at its best – Food worth queueing at Malacca

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  1. Oh yes! Awesome awesome food! I’ve been here just a few months ago, and I must say.. The cheese prawn bee hoon is nothing like I’ve ever eaten before. The strong seafood taste in the gravy is just heavenly. You should try the garlic squid also. It’s great!

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