#067 – False Hope ðŸ˜«

It’s so disappointing… everyone thought it is a positive surprise, and it turns to be a false hope…

Last week, out of the blue, one new customer emailed us saying wanted to get something from our company. The sales figure is huge! And we really need that number to close the year. Despite several emails discussing the requirement, they are still persistent with their request. So, excitedly, I arrange a meeting with them to discuss in detail face to face.

The moment the first question comes out from his mouth, I know something is really wrong. They know nothing about the items they are enquiring… 🤦‍♂️

After I understand their requirement, I propose a more feasible solution. Yes, there could be an order, but the figure has shrunk from 6 digits to 4 digits… … …

Haiz. False Hope indeed.

Disappointment always comes after a high expectation. It happens everywhere; relationship, business, events, and etc. I guess what we can do is to manage our expectations, always, and adjust our mindset real quick. This is demoralizing and demotivating, yes undeniable, but life still moves on, just find more opportunities and go for other jackpots :p

Ok, stay positive even though false hope is very sienzzzz. Nothing we can do about it, so stay negative will NEVER help. Jiayou! Be positive!

#067 – False hope

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