#066 – Persistence wins!

As you may know, I am having a partime job as a mobile app promoter, read more here. 😬

Today I have learnt a little from the job. There are two persons sitting down at a long table. Obviously they are waiting for their friends. So, I approach them to introduce the app, they seem not interested. It’s ok.

Soon their friends arrive and sit down. I am struggling in my mind, should I talk to the new comers since the other two have heard about the app? Hmmm… ok! Let’s do it. Hence, I repeat my introduction and lines to them. Welll, they look interested and are more receptive toward it. After I leave the group of people, I can see they are downloading the app and playing with it. Hahaha. And finally they do use and place order!!! Wohooo.

Ok I don’t get commission, but the little sense of satisfaction due to my persistence is shiok!

Yup as we should know, persistence is one important element in success and achievement. Be it for study, work, business and relationship, persistence is simply an important ingredient for a great recipe! Remember the gold miner story? We need to never give up and persist through challenges in order to discover the gold mine.

I love this quote: “A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence”.

Thing is, we may not have extraordinary talents or gifts, but through persistency, I believe we can work things out! Jiayou!

#066 – Persistence wins!

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