#065 – Poisoning Finger Pointing

I always believe culture is extremely IMPORTANT in an organization. Even though culture can be a very abstract thing, we can actually feel it literally. As we know, most of the successful organizations have unique and defining culture, just like Alibaba, Tesla, Walmart, and etc. Undeniable, culture is crucial for workers like us too. Empowering and conducive working environment perhaps is what we, or I, want. Too bad, today’s topic has nothing to do with my current company. LOL. 

I have recently received a lot of feedback on one organization I am in. A lot of different complaints and dissatisfactions have been poured out to me. I am tired of hearing it already. I remember I have consciously instilled an appreciative culture into the organization. Now it has turned sour. What I hate the most is the whole organization has become so political. There is no such place as politic-free, of course. But now we have just too much. I can see people are blaming one and other, finger pointing to find faults, being unforgiving and ridiculous. Basically, the word “Toxic” is suitable for this situation! 

I blame all these to the finger pointing culture. Due to egoistic, over-protective, and selfish attitude side of people, they can only see faults in others but never themselves. Just like when we are pointing at one person, the other fingers are pointing toward ourselves, isn’t it? 


Sometimes it is really prudent to listen to others and have a constructive discussion. We all are adults, we can reason and discuss. I am scared of people who will crunch you when you bite. Example, you give a little suggestion/advice, you will get strong bound-back or hurt because of that. Haiz. Why like that leh? 

OK, I don’t mean to be negative, I just feel that, as part of my reflections, I should think twice because I point the finger to others. I have to reflect myself if I have done wrong as well. World is a much better place if we are trying to understand each other more, isn’t it? 

#065- Finger Pointing is poisoning! 

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