#064 – Speaking and Singing

Today is a Toastmasters day, it has been a long time I didn’t deliver a prepared speech and yes finally I have done one tonight!

The speech objective is to bring History to Life. Basically present a historical event or person in an interesting way. Guess what I have shared? Haha.

Bohemian Rhapsody!!!

Why? Because I have just watched the movie, I like the movie and Freddie Mercury + Queen are historical. 😝

Here’s the link of my movie review

In that 9 and a half minutes, I have shared the story of Queen band formation, sung Bohemian Rhapsody, talked about Live Aid concert, and ended with “We will rock you” + “We are the champions”. Wakaka. Wanna watch my performance? Sorry no recording 😆

In Toastmasters, there is always an evaluation after the speech. I know I have done badly, haha, the grammar, the content, and the structures are not well done. True enough, my evaluator told me “Luckily you can sing well” hahaha. The rest is lost memory. Lolll

I Guess I purposely select this topic because! I want to sing lolll. Ok not funny. This is a little happiness and enjoyment I get from the speech. It feels good when you have done something you like and received praises from people right? Ok lah, I do receive good feedbacks also. 😆

Life is much better when we cherish little fun things like this. Agree?

#064 – Speaking and Singing

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