#063 – Slappp! Wake up please! Time is ticking!!!

Garen Tee, 27 already, what have you done and achieved so far??? Nothing!

This sentence runs through my mind like 1,489,234 times, this year. Birthday is coming, and I am going to be 27 soon!!! (By the way, remember my birthday present on 22nd December 😬). Time flies and clock ticks too fast. As I age, the ambitious side of me is questioning myself brutally! Career GG, Achievement GG, Side projects GG…

Even though the pussy side always comforts myself saying, “is ok, still young what!”, I clearly know it is not true.

Today I just had a tea session with my meet-once-in-awhile buddy. He always “looks high” on me and thinks I can be successful one day. But my progress report to him is terribly disappointing. 😭😭😭 I know and I agree. What he has said is damn real; this is my golden age as I have no liability and nothing to lose. Once age is catching up, the opportunity cost will be higher and peer pressure of social norm will haunt me (house, family, kids, etc). So, if wanna Chiong (go all out), it must be now and soon.

I know all these, but it is always thundering without rain. No action, it means nothing lah, bro. I am worried… and I should. Jiaklat.

I should really think seriously already. And actions must come along. Or else the boat is sinking…

To me, I need tangible and clear short term goals, just like how I aimed my first class honor, oversea internship, student exchange, international championship and etc in university time. I would go all out just to grab what I want. I need that Feeling and Fire back!!! So setting these goals should help!!! Finger crossed.

Other than that, I hope I can have a mentor with successful businesses as advisor or an accountability buddy! Who wants me? Hahaha.

If you feel the same as me, let’s encourage one another and keep each other checked! Life is tough but hold on to the dreams, take actions!!!

As Walt Disney said, “The way to get started is to stop talking and begin doing!”

#063 – Take actions!

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