#062 – I can’t work in Korea

Oh Gosh!!! I have stopped blogging for many days???! Darn it. My bad! I was away to Korea for business trip ma. Phew it was overwhelming and interesting business trip.

But first thing first, sightseeing photos:

Best part about oversea business trip is sightseeing and food.

Korean Fried chicken and beer, atas dining and bulgogi!!! Yummy 😋

This trip is actually a distributor meeting organised by our product principle. So distributors from Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand and India gather there. I am warned of crazy drinking session prior to my trip, and true enough, they drink beers like drinking water!!!

And in Korea! It is not just beer, there is Soju too! And Soju Bombs! 💀 💀 💀 . It has been a long time I didn’t drink like that. During the first dinner with everyone, the first course is a salty black sesame. Why sesame as appetizer? Because it can protect the stomach from alchohol! And yes! The next thing is a Soju Bomb! What I can remember after that is Soju shoots nonstop… damnnn, I couldn’t enjoy the dinner properly at all! The food was actually marvelous lor!!!

I ask the Korean deputy manager there, “do you always drink like this?”. He says: “if we want to win a contract, we have to drink like this.” Fainted. I can’t be sales in Korea, seriously!

I have seen and experienced so much in Korea. I am grateful and my eyes are opened wider! Haha.

Different countries have different ways of doing things. That’s the fun to explore isn’t it? Still…

#062 – I can’t work in Korea

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