#061 – Fun of Partime Job!

Friday night, should be a fun night. Yes it supposed to be, but sadly my friend “Pang Se” me. So I have decided to do something “meaningful” – a Partime Job!

Ok lah, I know I should relax and rest after a five-working-days-week, but I just feel like instead of watching drama and playing game at home, I should do something!!! I wanted to teach tuition, or sth more intelligent so that I can earn more. Since no such opportunities yet, I go back to the student’s time la, do partime at restaurant! Hahaha

But not as a waiter la, as a promoter to promote a mobile app to diners. The app is Special? Ok lah, u can order food and pay via the app, with a promo code, you get 5$ off lo. You can pre-order for your dapao also. Hehe. Because of the 5$ off, it is easier to persuade people download. Haha 🤣 🤷🏼‍♂️

Oh the name of the App? Waitrr. I believe they are really well funded, 5$ off leh, and 3$ off for referrals. 🤔 Not bad. #Waitrr

Anyway, I quite enjoy walking around, talk to people about the app, see customers coming in and eating, as if I own the business like that. Hahaha. Perhaps I played too much Restaurant-Game when I was younger. Hahaha. 3 hours for 36$, not much but ok la, fun ma. Hehe.

If you have partime lobang with better pay, tell me lor, just not direct selling. No offence, because I have tried and I am NOT suitable.

I tell myself, money is little, yes, but experience matters, and the essence of diligence and hardworking is important to me, I must not be lazy! This is a training. So yup! Let’s do Partime jobs! Hahaha.

P/S: Don’t Tell my Bosses! Hahaha.

#061 – Fun of Partime Job

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