#060 – Challenges are annoying, but I am optimistic

Positivity is damn important! Agree or not? If not, please talk to me.

This week I am facing an annoying incident at work and I got so pekchek of it. I quoted a new customer for a service, based on some basic understandings. After the first meeting and the first day of service, we realized the price quoted is too low. So I have revised once and convinced the customer to say ok with it. The job continues. Who knows! The project is only halfway through, and the man hours have already exceeded the quoted budget!!! So my boss asks me to talk to the customer and charge them for the extra hours. Whattttt thheeee. I don’t know where to put my face as I need to tell the customer: “Paiseh we need more money!”. In fact, I feel we also need to take the blame for under-quoting in the first place lah. Of course, customer side there has some issues too. When I think of the need to charge the customer extra again, I feel so sienzzzz… Adding all the other little annoying things at work (snowball effect), I feel super annoyed this time. Hahaha. So unhappy lorrr.

So how the story ends? I don’t know yet as I haven’t talked to customer hahaha. But this morning when I pray, I sort of think it through! (Thank God).

This incident is just a peanut lah, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right??? In future, you want to do BIG things, you will face more stress and bigger shits than this lor. Take this as a challenge and be strong 💪🏻! Hope the best!

I suddenly realize that I should be optimistic and stay positive. Getting annoyed easily is a sign of negativity which I shouldn’t have and it not my style! haha. So everybody, don’t be pessimistic, be optimistic, ok?


#060 – Challenges are annoying, but I am optimistic!

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