#059 – Friends kill loneliness

Happy Deepavali!!! To my friends who are celebrating.

And happy holiday to others who have a day off. I have a day off too…

I have nothing better to do, so I join a gathering organised by a cell group that I have been visiting. Well, most of them are my new friends, and I have mentally prepared for awhile (really) before saying Yes to join. (Sound 大ē‰Œ right?). I am an “outgoing introvert” ma.

On this lovely holiday, we gathered at a couple’s cozy house. We had lunch, played Nintendo Switch, watched movie at home, and had dinner. Basically, it is a whole day program. And the nice thing is, I didn’t need to talk much. Haha. I just eat, sit and play quietly basically. Hahaha. They surely don’t believe I can be talkative as well. Wakaka, keep this as a mystery.

I am glad I join them, as I need to “feed” the extrovert part of me. Or else I will feel lonely. Even though I think that I was wasting my time playing games and doing nothing there, it is still kinda enjoyable.

We all need friends, but when getting older, friends are getting lesser. This is a sad fact. But this also makes friends become treasurable. It is good to have friends around and we support one another isn’t it? Perhaps the human is designed in this way šŸ™‚

So, we are not lonely and are happier when we are with friends.

#058 – Friends kill loneliness

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