#058 – The Queen! Bohemian Rhapsody

Today I am really annoyed by work! Tired and pek chek. I supposed to go Toastmasters meeting, but thanks to my brother, I have an awesome evening instead!!! And with Queen! Bohemian Rhapsody, one musical movie that I am looking forward to. I knew it is going to be awesome and it truly is!

If you ask me, am I a fans of Queen? No, lolll. I only know “we will rock you” and “we are the champions”. Hahaha. And I hate the song “We are the champions” because whenever it plays, the champions weren’t me… ok too sad to share more.

Anyway, this movie “Bohemian Rhapsody” is absolutely Fantastic!!! From actors, music, plot, scenes transition to the message of the story, all are brilliantly presented. It is truly a masterpiece. You should watch it! But, don’t take the “gay” element too seriously. Go and enjoy the journey of a talented person whose charisma, passion, confidence, and drive make extraordinary wonders and impact to the world. Behind all the glamour, there is a lonely person who needs to be loved… (little resonating, isn’t it?)

The ending of the movie is exciting and encouraging! Thanks God, it is not a sad movie!!! Ending with a signature concert is definitely the perfect idea!!!

I love the part where the story links back to the family. After all, family is where our hearts belong right? (also thanks to my brother for the company which literally brightens my day… ahhh… so warm)

Lastly a quote from Freddie Mercury in the Movie… which I think it is so meaningful…

I wanna be who I am born to be“.

Dreams, I don’t want to forget my dreams. The road ahead looks bumpy and foggy, but I want to move forward. I hope one day I can see everything, and I know the light will guide me through.

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